1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 This document contains the General Terms and Conditions (Terms) that apply to all GL00 clients.
  • 1.2 You do not need to sign these Terms, acceptance of these Terms and the relevant Specific Terms is deemed to occur when you engage us by signing our tax agency form or any other document agreeing to the provision of services for the provision of any services or delivery of any products. Further detailed information is available at clause 2.8 in this document.
  • 1.3 These Terms supersede all previous arrangements (whether written, oral or both).

2.0 Interpretation

  • 2.1 Basic Plan, Standard Plan. Premiere Plan and Executive Plan: mean the name of the Subscribed Plan offering the services as set out in section XX of these terms and conditions.
  • 2.2 Conversion Date: The Conversion Date is the date of the day that we commence providing the Subscribed Service to you. This date is normally a few days after you sign the Order Form.
  • 2.3 Electronic Signature: means an electronic signature is a secured authority that complies with the definition in section 5 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.
    2.4 GL00: means Norrie & Daughters trading under the name GL00.
    2.5 GST: means the Goods and Services Tax.
    2.6 Gloo, Our, us, we: The use of these words means GL00 Limited.
    2.7 Services: means any service or facility provided to you and includes Subscribed Plans and access to accounting software.
    2.8 Subscribed Services: means any of the subscribed goods and services promoted by GL00.
    2.9 Tax Agency Services: means services associated with the compilation of financial information from records provided by you so as to enable the filing of any tax return with Inland Revenue.
    2.10 Customer, You, your: The use of these words means Order Form either in written or e-signature style.

3.0 Our Obligations

    3.1 Services Per Subscribed Plan: We will carry out the bookkeeping services set out under each Subscribed Plan and prepare and file the tax returns applicable to the Subscribed Plan that you have subscribed to.
    3.2 Standards Imposed: The services will be carried out in accordance with the professional standards, rules and ethical requirements of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ).
    3.3 Overseen by an Accountant: The services may be carried out by persons who are not accountants in which case their work will be overseen by accountant.
    3.4 Tax Agency Authority: For us to carry out our obligations under the Subscribed Plan you must have signed a tax agency form that authorises GL00 to link you as our client with Inland Revenue. GL00 uses the tax agency authority of it’s head office Norrie & Daughters. Norrie & Daughters will link you as a client once we have received the signed Tax Agency Authority with proof of your identity.
    3.5 Inland Revenue Correspondence: Unless offered as part of a Subscribed Plan, we will not receive any Inland Revenue correspondence or tax refunds on your behalf.

4.0 Your Obligations

    4.1 Bank Feeds: You will sign a Bank Feeds form so that we can electronically receive from your bank into our accounting software all transactions that occur on the approved bank account.
    4.2 Bank Account: You will maintain a bank account exclusively for business purposes.
    4.2 Provision of Information: You will provide us with accurate and complete information by the date required so that we may correctly complete payroll, bank reconciliations and tax returns. You may upload this information to us via a secure facility, email, delivery in person or post to our offices.
    4.3 Payment of Taxes: It is your responsibility to pay all taxes. We will advise you of what taxes are due.
    4.4 Payment of Subscriptions: You are responsible for ensuring that you pay the monthly subscription fee in advance. We are under no obligation to carryout work for you if your subscription is not paid.

5.0 Commencing and Maintaining Our Relationship

    5.1 Proof of Identity: We will require proof (satisfactory to us) of your identity and address when you engage us for the provision of services or order any products from us. If you are an organisation, we might require identification information from beneficial owners (for example, shareholders if you are a company). Acceptable forms of identity are:
    • a) New Zealand driver’s licence
    • b) New Zealand passport (please scan/copy the pages showing photo, name and specimen signature)
    • c) overseas passport with New Zealand immigration visa/permit (please scan/copy the pages showing photo, name, any pages showing current work, visitor permits, or residency documentation and a specimen signature) or call Inland Revenue on 0800 227 774 for exempt list
    • d) New Zealand firearms or dealers’ licence
    • e) New Zealand 18+ card
    • f) International Drivers’ Permit (issued by a member country of the UN Convention on Road Traffic)
    • g) New Zealand certificate of identity (issued by the former Department of Labour, now the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or Department of Internal Affairs).
      Note: The identity card used must contain your picture. For children under the age of 16 a copy of the child’s birth certificate and full proof of the parent or guardian identity including a photograph.
    5.2 Powers of Attorney: A power of attorney gives someone the right to sign documents or enter into agreements for you. If a power of attorney is used, you or your attorney will need to provide us with a copy of the power of attorney and we might ask you to confirm any transactions your attorney makes. Your attorney will need to provide us with a certificate of non-revocation when the power of attorney is used.
    5.3 Changes to personal or organisation details: Please tell us as soon as you can about any changes to your personal details (including your residential or email address, telephone or facsimile numbers, legal status or capacity), or any other change affecting your relationship with us. If you are an organisation, or operate a business, you must let us know as soon as there are any changes to your beneficial owners, registered office or any other information we have asked for. This information will only be corrected once we receive it.
    5.4 Telling us of a change in your tax circumstances: You should tell us as soon as you can of any change in your tax circumstances (for example redundancy or liquidation of a company) or your tax residence status.
    5.5 Administering our relationship with you: Your personal information is used to maintain our relationship with you and act on your instructions. We can use your personal information to confirming your identity, providing you credit, administering services and products we provide you, meet our internal operational requirements, such as for credit management, audit of our work, system or product development and planning, collecting money owed by you, providing trust account services in your name, dealing with guarantors, providing statutorily required information to Government or other agencies so that we can complete your instructions.

6.0 Subscribed Service Plans

The services provided under each plan available for subscription are set out below.
  • 6.1 Basic Plan services include:
    • a) Monthly bank reconciliations of one bank account;
    • b) Preparation of GST returns;
    • c) Filing of GST return with Inland Revenue;
    • d) GST reporting
    6.2 Standard Plan
    • a) Monthly bank reconciliations of up to three(2) bank accounts;
    • b) Preparation of GST returns;
    • c) Filing of GST return with Inland Revenue;
    • d) Payroll calculation for up to three (3) employees
    • e) Payroll filing with Inland Revenue
    • f) GST and Payroll reporting
    6.3 Premiere Plan
    • a) Monthly bank reconciliations of up to five (5) bank accounts;
    • b) Preparation of GST returns;
    • c) Filing of GST return with Inland Revenue;
    • d) Payroll calculation for up to five (5) employees
    • e) Payroll filing with Inland Revenue
    • f) Debtor Collection/Invoicing
    • g) Credit Control with Overdue account
    • reminders sent out at the frequency you choose.
    • h) Invoices payable IR Audit trail
    • i) GST and Payroll reporting
    6.4 Executive
    • a) All the Premiere Plan plus
    • b) Quarterly Fringe Benefit Tax calculation & filing.
    • c) Extensive reporting to your requirements.
    • d) 6 monthly depreciation schedules
    • e) Annual tax accounts prepared and income tax return;
    • f) Other services as agreed
    6.5 Extra Add-ons
    • a) We may offer extra add-ons via our website from to time.
    • b) Other services (if required) involving tax review or investigations, trusts and end of year accounts (excluding Executive Plan) will be provided by Norrie & Daughters under separate Terms of Engagement.

7.0 Billing, Payment, Upgrading and Termination of Services

  • 7.1 Billing: We will invoice you monthly on the Conversion Date and each monthly anniversary date thereafter.
  • 7.2 Monthly Plan: Unless otherwise agreed Subscribed Services are monthly plans that commence on the Conversion Date and monthly thereafter. A Conversion Date that occurs on a leap day will be shifted forward by one (1) day.
  • 7.2 Payment in Advance: GL00 is a Pay as You Go (“PAYG”) Service. Payment for all Subscribed Services is monthly in advance by way of automatic payment, credit card or direct debit. Payment is due on commencement and each month thereafter.
  • 7.3 Termination of Services by You: You may terminate any Subscribed Plan by giving us two weeks’ notice in writing. We will terminate your Subscribed Plan at the end of month that the two weeks’ notice period expires in. Upon termination, we will provide you with any reports that your Subscribed Plan entitled you to and we will delink you from our tax agency with Inland Revenue. You may request to take over responsibility of any accounting software we used in which case we will charge a fee for our work in transferring the Licence.
  • 7.4 Termination of Services by Us: We may cease to provide services under a Subscribed Plan and disconnect access to any accounting software if your account is not paid within fourteen (14) days of the due date. In this event we are not liable to you for any losses you incur including but not limited to Inland Revenue penalties and interest. We will permanently remove you from the Subscribed Service if your account remains unpaid for more than 30 days and you will remain liable to us for all monies owed up to the end of the next monthly Conversion Date anniversary.

8.0 Indemnity and Liability

  • 8.1 Professional Indemnity Insurance: We hold professional indemnity insurance to the highest level required by the various professional bodies that we belong to.
  • 8.2 Limitation of Liability: To the extent allowed by law, our aggregate liability to you or any other person for any claim against us in relation to our engagement (whether in contract, tort, including negligence, or otherwise) will not exceed the lessor of 6 months subscription or an amount which we actually receive as indemnification from our professional indemnity insurers for the claim (plus any excess payable by us in relation to the claim under our professional indemnity insurance cover). This is agreed to be a reasonable restriction on our liability.
  • 8.3 No liability to you: We will not be liable to you for any Loss:
    • a) arising as a result of us acting in accordance with this Agreement; or
    • b) caused by you giving us incomplete or inaccurate information or you failing to provide information required by us in good time so that we can properly complete your instructions; or
    • c) caused by circumstances outside our control, including machine failure, problems with any system or network, or industrial action.
  • 8.4 Indemnity: You indemnify us against any losses Norrie & Daughters incurs as a result of you giving us incomplete or inaccurate information that results in:
    • a) An investigation or audit of our work by an authorised third party (e.g. Inland Revenue)

9.0 Information About You

  • 9.1 How we collect and use your personal information: Wherever you provide personal information whether it’s in our offices, online or over the phone, we’ll do everything we can to protect it from being used in the wrong way.
    As an accounting firm, we need to collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information as part of providing our products and services. We are bound by, and adhere to the privacy provisions as set out in the Privacy Act 1993
  • 9.2 Confidentiality of your information: If you are a client of ours then we will only collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Terms or if we’re required to by law.
    If you are not a client of GL00, we will collect, hold, use and disclose information about you for the purposes for which you provided it, or if we’re required to by law.
    We won’t disclose any personal information to any third party for purposes unconnected with the purpose for which that information was provided to us, but we may share information collected in an anonymous aggregate form.
    If you are a client of GL00 then you consent that GLOO may share your information with its trading parent Norrie & Daughters Limited and that you may be added to Norrie & Daughters mailing list(s). Your information is collected and held by Norrie & Daughters at 32 Greenpark Road Auckland, PO Box 12 516 Auckland 1642. Under the Privacy Act, you’re entitled to see and request the correction of any personal information about you held by us. You can choose not to supply the information we request but it may affect our ability to accept you as a client.
  • 9.3 Accuracy of information and asking for or correcting personal information:
  • We try to make sure that any personal information we hold is accurate. To help us do this, please let us know as soon as you can about any changes in your personal details (including your residential or email address, or telephone or facsimile numbers). Please call us on 09 551 3631 or email us at admin@norrie.co.nz to change your personal information.
  • 9.4 Communications: By providing us with your email address or personal information online, whether via online form, social media such as Facebook or WeChat, or by sending us an email, you agree to us: a) collecting, using, sharing and storing your personal information for the purposes you provided it; and b) contacting you via email, text message, online notification (without an unsubscribe facility) telephone, or post, in regards to your specific request.
  • 9.5 Cookies: A ‘cookie’ is a small text file placed on your device by a website to capture information about your visit. We use cookies for a number of purposes.
  • In most circumstances, you can adjust the settings on your browser to notify you when you are offered a cookie and decide whether or not to accept it.
  • 9.6 Analytics and other technologies we use: Norrie & Daughters and/or its related companies use Google Analytics and other tracking software (cookies) throughout our website. These provide us with anonymous information about the use and effectiveness of our website, covering multiple sessions across multiple devices.
    We may combine information collected from your use of the www.norrie.co.nz website with other information we hold about you, including personal information.
    We also use other tracking software to understand and optimise user experience and to improve our advertising both on and outside our website(s), including but not limited to Google Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing.
  • 9.7 External websites: Where our website contains hyperlinks to third party websites, we are not responsible for the availability, content, or accuracy, or privacy practices of these websites.