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Gloo Tax Agent Authority Form

1.This Order Form once accepted by GL00 in accordance with paragraph 2 below, together with the attached General Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Trade including all schedules, annexures and exhibits attached hereto contain the entire agreement ("Agreement") between GL00 and the Customer in respect of the Subscribed Services (defined below).

2.The Customer hereby places an order with GL00 for the Subscribed Services, set out under the "Subscribed Services" section of this Order Form or as otherwise listed in Schedule 1 ("Goods Services"). The Customer's order is subject to acceptance by GL00 which will be evidenced by the issuance of either a letter of acceptance or an email invitation to access accounting software.

3. Renewal:

    (a) This Agreement will automatically renew for a further period equal to the Price Plan Period in accordance GL00 in writing no later than 14 days prior to expiry of the then current Price Plan Period if it does not wish to renew this Agreement.

4. Customer:

  • (a) may not cancel a subscription for the Subscribed Services during the Price Plan Period;
  • (b) may not include in this Agreement any new Subscribed Service purchased by Customer during the Price Plan Period; and
  • (c) must itself observe and warrant that third-party persons authorised by the Customer who are granted access to the accounting records observe the attached General Terms and Conditions, the GL00 Terms of Trade and all schedules, annexures and exhibits attached hereto.

5. Where a Customer is provided with access to materials for free (i.e. materials not specified expressly in this Agreement) GL00 has no obligation to continue to provide such material and the Customer has no right to receive the material. Such material may be withdrawn at any time without notice. This right of withdrawal is without prejudice to the rights of GL00 referred to at clause 7.4 of the General Terms and Conditions and clause 11 of the Terms of Trade .

6. Any discount or gratis access offered by GL00 is at our discretion and subject to any conditions GL00 may elect to impose. For example, discretionary discounts or services offered on additional services are only valid if the Customer has a contemporaneous subscription.

7. For monthly subscriptions, you must pay the amount specified in an invoice in full in advance unless otherwise agreed by us.

8. GL00 may immediately terminate this Agreement if Customer:

  • (a) fails to pay the Fee in accordance with this Agreement; or
  • (b) breaches any other term or condition and fails to remedy the breach within 14 days after receiving written notice to do so.

9. GL00 is a trading division of Norrie & Daughters, 32 Greenpark Road Penrose Auckland.

10. This Agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand.